Double Degree

Double degree is a program where  students can get two degrees at the same time from two universities in one undergraduate education process. Through double degree program, students not only have 2 degrees but also students get chance to study abroad.

The program is certified by the malaysia qualification agency (MQA) and malaysian medical council which are the highest level of acreditation bodies in malaysia

Come an join us to enhance your potencial and broden your experience with the top medical school in indonesia and malaysia.

In malaysia students will have experiencet to study in UKM’s Faculty of Medicine that located in Kuala Lumpur, 5 km from the centre of the city. Equipped with various facilities, nearby attraction and a lively environtment, it offers an unmatched students experience.

In Indonesia students learn in UNPAD’s Faculty of medicine that located in Bandung that known as the 3rd metropolitan city in Indonesia. Bandung is famously beautiful city  that known as “Paris van Java” which is perfect choice for studying ang living