With Professor Suzuki, Gunma University Japan (1999)



In 1986 to 1995 Prof. Shosuke Suzuki from Department of Public Health Gunma University Japan, conducted several researches in Bandung city, Indonesia. By this collaboration, then in 1996 an agreement was signed as MoU between Universitas Padjadjaran (Unpad) and Gunma University to establish collaborative relationship concerning the educational exchange of faculty members/students, research students and academic materials, research collaborations, seminars and other academic meetings.

Student exchange program for undergraduate medical students started for the first time in 1997, four medical students from Unpad were travelled to Gunma University for 10 days, few months later 4 students from Gunma University were welcome to Bandung city. Second batch was in 1999 and this program still continue for more than 20 years.

This program also evolved faculty members from Unpad to have opportunity as PhD candidate and finished their study in Gunma University. International seminars were also held as part of academic meeting, in the future, long term student exchange program will be part of the educational exchange.

The aims of this exchange program are :

  • To introduce Universitas Padjadjaran to global connection particularly to Japanese University networking.
  • To introduce educational and cultural mission about Indonesia and West Java in particular.
  • To maintain and develop collaborative networking between two univeristies for education and research.

It has also been recognized that Japan is a country that can be highlighted in terms of the development of science and technology. Exchanging information about curriculum and student affairs, health profiles, and other informative matters can provide benefits for both parties in order to tak corrective steps forward. In addition, introducing culture to each other will maintain Indonesia-Japan bilateral friendship, maintain harmonious Unpad-Gunma relations and build our collegiality as colleagues. This program can open our eyes and minds about developments in Japan. What good habits and culture have been done by Japanese people to become as advanced as they are now, of course we need to learn.


The Gunma-Padjadjaran Exchange activity was held on Gunma Prefecture and Tokyo, Japan in 9th January 2020 – 18th January 2020 and February 2020 was held in Bandung city.

This activity was attended by 4 students from the Faculty of Medicine, Padjadjaran University named:

1. Adeela Sandria Fitri Aini  Reg.130110170037
2. Siti Silvia Nur Shofa Reg.130110180048
3. Namira Assyfa Nurazizah Reg.130110170016
4. Nurul Mufliha Patahudin Reg.130110180182

Japanese students coming to Bandung City :

1. Emi Handa Reg.15201079
2.Yuka Hirokami  Reg.15201080
3. Toshihiro Miyamoto Reg.15201099
4.Shigano Chef Reg.15201044


Interesting activities during exchange program :

  • Visitation to Nihon Kohden factory, where the factory is a well-known factory for producing medical devices, especially Automated External Defibrillator (AED).
  • The Tomioka Silk Mill which is the oldest modern silk factory in Japan, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • At night, all the students cooked shabu-shabu or commonly called Nabe together at Emi Handa’s house. After that, we also had the opportunity to try Japanese clothes called Yukata.
  • Visitation to Gunma University Hospital, the Neurosurgery Department and Endocrinology Laboratory.
  • Mini seminar was conducted  with a presentation guided by Blabla Sensei as the moderator. The Indonesian students presented the National Health Insurance Program organized by BPJS, while a delegation from Gunma University presented about Heavy Ion Medicine. The presentation was attended by several Gunma University students.
  • Welcoming Party and performance by  1 Indonesian dance, the Jaipong Dance.
  • Visitation to the Radiology Department at Gunma University Hospital  to see radiological tools such as MRI and CT and The Heavy Ion Medical Center as cancer therapy and treatment.