Asian Medical Student Association

AMSA known as Asian Medical Student Association Universitas Padjadjaran was established in 1999, before undergoing a vacuum period and reemerging in 2003. It was built as a place for FK Unpad students to channel their skills and creativity beyond an academic scope, and to open doors towards more opportunities and activities. AMSA-Unpad became active on a national scale in 2006 and continues to grow and develop into a stronger, more impactful organization.



AMSA is a scientific, nonpolitical, nonsectoral, nonprofit, open, free, and independent organization

which is affiliated to KEMA FK Unpad and AMSA Indonesia. AMSA Unpad has developed into one of the biggest organization in Universitas Padjadjaran Medical School with hundreds of members divided into three divisions;

English Academy (EA)

is a place where you can learn how is the right way of public speaking, debating, TOEFL preparation, Model United Nation, and other English language-based ways to get achievements

Academic Research (AR)

is a place where you will know how to make papers, posters, and this division has proven that promoting public health can be this interesting

Society Welfare (SW)

a house for those who loves direct contributions to the society, for example, in these recent years, AMSA Unpad has been doing a developmental program for the street children around Bandung called “Laskar Pelangi” (Laskar Peduli Anak Negeri ).

Those three divisions reflect the three-word motto of AMSA Unpad

Based on the motto mentioned above, AMSA Unpad offers all the members not only a chance to have an experience in an organization, to contribute to the society, and to have new friends from AMSA Indonesia and AMSA International; but AMSA Unpad will also give a chance to learn science in a much more fun way.

Get Started Today

You can log-in to AMSA official website to find out more information about the AMSA FK Unpad. The following is the official link on the amsa fk unpad website :